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Madge’s story

Madge’s story

“My journey as a volunteer with GCA started about six years ago when I took part in a Drug Proof Your Kids (DPYK) program at the Milburn Centre at Roystonhill. I was at that point a kinship carer as they are now called, my nephew lost his father at aged 11 to alcohol abuse and he was coming to an age were his friends were more of an influence on him then I was, having no children of my own I felt a need to understand the pitfalls of looking after a teenager and DPYK was a starting point in my trying to understand those pitfalls.

I enjoyed the course and meeting Linda who was the facilitator of the course. She apparently saw something in me and she encouraged me to take the facilitator course for DPYK myself and also the COSCA Counselling Skills course run by GCA which I completed in December 2008. I then completed a Further Steps in Counselling module in November 2009. As a personal journey the counselling courses have been one of the hardest and best things I have ever done in my life as they allowed me to look at who I am and helped grow into a more understanding human being I now listen to the people in my life and think before I speak.

…I will be taking on the most amazing thing that has ever happened to me.”
Madge, Counsellor GCA.

What makes me want to volunteer with GCA? . . . . . it’s the people. I have never had much belief in myself or my abilities and have always felt uncomfortable outside my own Scheme. But since my first meeting with Linda and the other people in her team back then I have felt instantly at ease with everyone I have met within GCA, as an individual and team member they want and encourage you to reach your potential and for me my journey is continuing, I volunteer in North Glasgow with a Prevention Education team going into local Schools and Colleges. I was accepted for a role as volunteer counsellor and after successful completion of the training I will be taking on the most amazing thing that has ever happened to me.”

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