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Amanda’s Story

Volunteering Stories

Amanda’s story

Recently we interviewed Amanda McRae (Prevention & Education Volunteer) for our “On The Spot” section in our Newsletter. Amanda has been a volunteer with GCA Prevention & Education for a few years now.

What was your first ever job?
My first job was a part time job in the Half Price Jewellers in Union Street, Glasgow.  I worked a Thursday night, Saturday and Sundays and loved earning my own money; it gave me a real sense of Independence.  I worked in the Jewellers for around four years and eventually become the senior sales assistant, opening and shutting the shop.  Outwith retail and part time jobs, whilst I was a student, my first ‘real’ job was my probationary year in primary school teaching.

…”Every day is a new day. Prevention and Education work is diverse and varied”
Amanda McRae, Volunteer Prevention & Education.

Describe your job now?
Describe my job now, mmm, this is pretty difficult.  Every day is a new day.  Prevention and Education work is diverse and varied.  To give you a small insight into what a day could entail, I could be in schools delivering awareness and education sessions in the morning working with pupils aged from P3 to high school pupils in S6.  I could then be attending community meetings and helping support or develop new pieces of work in the local area in the afternoon, before attending a local youth club in the evening or attending a local gala day at the weekend.  I enjoy the fact that my job is so varied.

What would you change?
Although as a department, the prevention and education teams have expanded significantly in recent years, in an ideal world I would like to see bigger teams so that we can reach even more people in Glasgow.  I would also like to see each team having counsellors attached to them, providing a more holistic approach to alcohol and drugs work within the city.

Why do you work in the voluntary sector?
Although there may not necessarily be as much security within the voluntary sector with funding being a key issue, I enjoy the freedom and flexibility that the voluntary sector offers.  I feel that Glasgow Council on Alcohol is very much a people’s organisation where employees are valued for their skills and contributions to the organisation.

What do you enjoy about being in Glasgow?
Well it sure is not the weather… What I do enjoy however, is Glasgow’s diversity.  Each sector of the city is different and offers something unique.  Glasgow is a beautiful place with lots of great attractions and I think sometimes people take this for granted. I also enjoy the people of Glasgow, people are friendly and we have a humour here that is different from that of other places.  These are some of the things I enjoy about Glasgow

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