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I think I may be drinking too much

As a general rule if you think that you are drinking too much, then it’s probably worth talking to someone about it.

People drink for many reasons. You might be experiencing a relationship ending, work difficulties, money worries or a bereavement. You may not be sure why you are drinking a lot at the moment. Many people drink too much alcohol to manage stress, anxiety or a particular situation.

Some people become dependant on alcohol and feel that they can’t stop drinking; they find that when they try to cut down it feels hard to do and they are unable to control their drinking.

At GCA we can help you look at why you are drinking too much and then plan what you can do about it. We will help you to look at the reasons why you are drinking too much and then set goals to look at how you can reduce, control or stop drinking.

At GCA we can offer support to you if you are concerned about your drinking. You may just want to call us and talk to one of our trained counsellors.

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